Foursquare: A nicer and more functional UI for the Android app


Foursquare released a new version (2013.02.12) for its Android application, changing the user interface and focusing on three main points.

Initially, in the new look, you will notice that on the top left there's a familiar icon, the one with the three horizontal lines, which opens the Foursquare menu and resembles the Facebook application icon. You can open the menu by dragging the screen from left to right. There you will find the account settings, your To-Do lists and other options.

The Explore tab does no longer exist and its location is moved at the top of the application, where you will see a search box. Look for a specific palce or choose one of the available location categories of. You can also select the Best Nearby option and the app will recommend some nearby locations.

Once you run the application, normally at the top there will be a map with your friends locations, as well as other interesting locations for you. Clicking on the map, you will be able to expand it and zoom on it. This map does not exist for the time being but it will slowly be available to all users. Also, the option to check in has been moved to the bottom left.

Foursquare despite the current changes, has also announced more changes for the application soon, including a more personal map among them them. We're glad to see such changes!

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