Harlem Shake: Is this the new Gangnam Style?


I don't know about you, but I've not listened or seen Gangnam Style on social networks for some time. Was that a trend which passed? The past days a new trend has appeared, which goes by the name Harlem Shake.

The original Harlem Shake song comes from Baauer and the same name is used for the dance, which has existed since 1981 and started in Harlem, New York. This dance describes the awkward movements of a drunk man ... or else the moves a mummy! The final result is a "body shaking'' movement.

On the viral videos of the Harlem Shake, a man initially appears (usually masked) who starts dancing alone in the rhythm of the song. Around him there are other people who do not dance and deal with other things. In about 15 seconds, where the audio track makes a turn, all the people in the video erupt in clumsy movements. You want to call it dance? Call it whatever you want.


YouTube released the chart above, which shows the outbreak of Harlem Shake videos. Reportedly, from 01/02 to 11/02, over 12,000 Harlem Shake videos were created, having a total of over 44 million views. Also,over 4.000 Harlem Shake videos are uploaded daily.

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