Facebook was hacked (!)

Facebook announced that the site has been the target of attacks by a group of unknown hackers, nevertheless has not found any indication that user data has been compromised.


"Last month, Facebook's security department discovered that our systems had been attacked" the company says in a related blog post. "The attack was possible when some of our employees visited a website of a mobile developer which has been exposed."

The malware bypassed the Java Sanbox protections, with Facebook indicating its vulnerability in Oracle, which, in turn, was "corrected" with a patch released on February 1.

The popular social network notes that it is "working closely with teams of engineers and security teams in other companies, as well as with law enforcement authorities in order to be fully informed about the attack, but also to prevent similar incidents in the future".

The announcement about the attack on Facebook follows a series of corresponding attacks to other important web sites, such as twitter which had announced the previous day that 250,000 user accounts could potentially be exposed.

Attacks, however, have occurred in the preceding period on major information sites, such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

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