Are you ready for Google stores?


Truth be told, we've it said many times. What has characterized Apple, is the fact that its technology products are primarily sold by their own stores, Apple stores.

Steve Jobs's idea to create retail stores that will house all the company's products reflect its philosophy, but also to manage the physical contact with the consumer, has been extremely lucrative. Apple's profits prove it.

According to 9to5Google, Mountain View is preparing to open its first autonomous, physical stores soon. The Google Stores. It will not be the ChromeZones, the corners that Google has installed in various department stores in the U.S. and Britain. We speak about independent Google stores, where you could found Nexus products and also Chromebooks.

The reason, however, that Google wants to build shops, is one: Google Glasses. A product so innovative and so "expensive" that can not be offered for sale exclusively from one e-shop. Google will need to show it, to explain itso that it can sell it. Unlike many other companies, Google knows that one "hype" is not enough to sell "wearable'' computers, even more when someone has to pay $ 1500 for them. Or less. Google will create its own culture and market, as it has done with the ads.

So, get ready for Google Stores!

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