Sleep texting is a fact

Teenagers are known for their dependence on their mobile phones-some of them claim that they send up to 60 messages per day- but how much can it affect them? Enough to send SMS ... even in their sleep!

That's at least what specialists support, saying that the phenomenon is becoming more frequent.


Dr. Elizabeth Dowbell, professor of nursing at Villanova University, the strongly believes it. "It's something new," she says "Now we're just starting to manage it ... I believe it will come across more as mobiles are accessible to all ages."

During «sleep texting», the sound of a mobile awakens a person so that it is able to see a message and reply to it - sometimes without the answer making any sense. However in the morning the person may not remember the act.

The Dr. Dowdell explains that while there has not been a conducting research on this phenomenon, she has enough anecdotal evidence that it's on the rise. Initially, she had heard about it from a student of hers, who mentioned it, but when she brought it to others, many admitted that it had happened to them too.

Now, while trying to study the reasons for such behavior, she notes that many of the parents said that their children are involved too much on technology and not getting enough sleep. She believes, moreover, that the sound of a mobile messaging during the night, may contribute to the problem.

The new reality of «sleep texting» is also admited by Dr Michael Breus, a clinical psychologist and expert on sleep by various caces he has heard from his patients. He believes, moreover, that it is not a phenomenon that only occurs in adolescents and adults.

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