How can Facebook's Timeline be better? Watch the video...

Joseph Ocenada, a random citizen as he calls himself, designed his own design for Facebook Timeline, which deserves our attention. Besides, there are few and rumors, supporting that the Timeline will change its appearance and there will be one column for posts instead of two.


Joseph Ocenada identified three main problems in the current version of Facebook's Timeline. Initially, the two columns require tedious reading left and right. The eye sees several times part of a publication which has never seen before. Second problem is the confusion that exists in the Timeline, which contains too much content, from applications to photos, friends etc. The third and final problem, there is no easy management of Timeline and users are not using enough the «Highlight» choice for their publications.

In the video above you'll see a mockup of Facebook's Timeline, that is an original design. On Timeline only publications is available, a new menu is added with advanced options for the user and the «Highlight» publications now play an important role than in the past. I think the work and vision of Joseph Ocenada for a better Facebook Timeline are worth getting aware by Mark Zuckerberg.

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