How to play all PS3 games on the Vita

A few days ago, I was cruising Amazon, browsing through the initial games for the PS Vita, and trying to decide which ones I would choose as the first titles for my upcoming console. However, no matter what I selected, Vita users might have even more choices than they can imagine.

According to a post by Eurogamer, a hack allows the Vita to play PS3 games, using Sony’s Remote Play function. Anyone interested in applying this method, should first jailbreak their PS3 and then install version 3.55 of the firmware. This way, the Vita is recognized as just a smartphone, allowing an unhindered connection via Remote Play. The Vita itself must have version 4.0 of its firmware, which updates compatibility with the PS3.

Sony has not made any comments on this matter. We hope however, that last year’s Playstation Network case has left them somewhat wiser, so they won’t start another hunt for hackers. Not that we care, it’s just getting tiresome to see PSN offline all the time...

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