Prepare for Ubuntu touch for Nexus tablets and also for Ubuntu tablet on MWC 2013


Just one month after the "revelation" of the operating Ubuntu for smartphones, Canonical launches an operating system for tableta. Ubuntu for tablets, is parameterized in such way so that to perceive the touch and, browsing in operating is accomplished with gestures at the edge of the screen. Ubuntu does not require a physical key.

There is a single hub for searching, applications and content, while the center tray and utilitarian looks amazingly reminiscent of Windows 8 for easy access to notifications, settings and connectivity with other devices.

The cooperation between the devices using Ubuntu is trouble free, Canonical says, and something that seems to be interesting in the following video is that we may see a device like the PadFone, a device that someone can have everything in it.

In the features of the new Ubuntu for tablets voice control was added, for which we expect to see its effectiveness and note that the new OS will support multiple users and guest mode, which means that you can share your tablet with others. The joy of open source realizing the needs of users.


Note that, despite the rumors, Canonical has not announced a manufacturer that will show purely an Ubuntu tablet. According to the page, any manufacturer can be supported by Ubuntu as the operating can be used in tablets sizes from 6 to 20 inches. We are informed that during the MWC in Barcelona will see an Ubuntu tablet while holders of the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 will be able to download the operating system, from February 21, from here.

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