Nvidia Tegra 4i - with LTE- and "Poenix'' demonstration smartphone. Nvidia's best

Nvidia introduced the first mobile processor with integrated LTE, called Tegra 4i, which, as the company says, is significantly faster, but is half the size of each competitor.


Known until now with the code name «Project Grey», the Tegra 4i comes with 60 graphics cores and quad CPU based in the newer and more efficient cores of ARM-Cortex-A9 r4- a fifth core for battery saving and a version of Nvidia i500 LTE modem optimized for integrating LTE, and can reach 2.3GHz.

In order to promote the advantages of the new processor, Nvidia also presented a smartphone «demo» with the code name «Phoenix», which will be used to promote the new possibilities of implementation to the manufacturers. This prototype solution has a 5 inch screen resolution at 1080p, while its thickness reaches only 8 mm.

We imagine that at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​that digitalife is going to attend, there will be a good opportunity to learn more about both the Nvidia Tegra 4i and its specs while using it. As for its placing on the market, it is estimated for the first quarter of 2014.


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