PS4 Announced !


Sony announced late last night as part of this year's PlayStation Meeting the new PlayStation! The PS4 will not be, according to the company, another device that faces the living room as the entertainment center of a home. Instead, the PS4 will regard as such the player himself-and the proof that attempts to highlight (using the PS4) the characteristics of the PS Vita and the interconnection with mobile phones, for which we will learn more this year!

The development of the PS4 was launched five years ago and the truth is that in terms of technical characteristics we did not learn much. Basically we didn't get to see the console too! Sony has merely revealed that the PS4 will have 8GB RAM and 1,84 teraFLOPS power. What we were presented was the controller of the console, the neoDualShock 4 which has redesigned levers and triggers while there's a touchpad in the center. Interesting is the the ability of the PS4 which provides lower power consumption (by requiring less RAM), and is activated by pressing a button.

As for the games, some of them will be playable even while downloading them to the console thrhough the PlayStation Network, while Sony has given weight to the social characteristics: the way in which the player will manage and interact with his friends will remind social networks (suspect a thing between Google Plus and Facebook), supported by donations of objects while the Share button on the DualShock 4 it can be raised on online gameplay.

As even the president of Gaikai added, who came on stage, Sony's goal is eventually making all PS4 games available via PS Store. In the pipeline is the PlayStation Cloud, a cloud service through which an attempt is made to offer all the titles of the first three PlayStation consoles! Interesting is the Remote Play function by which the PS4 will "stream" games to PS Vita so one can play his favorite PS4 game on Sony's portable system - for instance if the TV is ... busy.

To the point: When is all of this going to appen? Go for the festive season of 2013, which means that next Christmas, PS4 will already be with us! At what price? For the moment it is still discussed. E3, gamescom...eventually Sony will announce something to them...

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