Midway: The documentary about the ecological "plastic'' tragedy


Remember that pelican that used to say 'no junk, no plastics on the sea and the beach? ... As the seasons passed, the graphics became much better, but the message faded. What one sees when looking at the images from the trailer for Midway, makes your heart darker.

It's a documentary on which the works Chris Jordan is still working (all offers are accepted and truly every cent worth it ...), who arrived with his camera in "an earthly paradise, a small island located in Midway North Pacific, 2,000 miles away from the nearest continent. There, in a pristine virgin nature, lives almost exclusively one particular kind of albatrosses, the one who which on the one hand enjoys the magic of the environment and on the other suffers from recklessness and indifference of man who still does not realize he is not alone in "this planet. Hopefully one day, humans will understand ...

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