Save the date:Samsung Galaxy S IV to be presented on March 14


When Eldar Murtazin makes a tweet, it is never accidentally. So this tweet, shows us that we should look at the end of the week our Inbox and expect:

"Save the date for a big announcement – March 14 🙂 And keep silence 😉 HTC will miss HTC One sales again 🙁 Like it was in 2012.''
— Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin) February 18, 2013

Without mentioning the name of Samsung clearly, but only saying that HTC will "lose" the expected sales from HTC One, Murtazin confirms information of The Verge, sources have quite a good relationship with the Samsung and tell us that the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S IV will be March 14 and that date has been defined.

This is also confirmed by Sam Mobile while everyone is confident that as for the design, we have no idea what will be presented by the Korean company. Many hypothesized that some leakage from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, which will make its appearance during MWC 2013, showed the way for the Galaxy S IV. The latest reports say that the S IV, is a smartphone that has not been seen before.

Will they be confirmed? Somewhere between the March 1st and March 7, however, Samsung's invitation is expected to make its appearance inviting media representatives on American soil (New York says Murtazin) to see the new flagship. Wether they surprise us and actually present us a completely new smartphone or not, we will have to wait until the 14th to find out. The only certain thing (almost) is the date.

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