Hmm this seems to be the A7... the new processor of the iPhone 5S

From what it seems, the iPhone 5 will soon obtain its successor, which will probably be named iPhone 5S. And as we get closer to the announcement, it seems that the leaks of parts from our suppliers will employ more and more.

So, the iOSDoc site claimed to have "very reliable source" of a photograph showing the Apple A7 chipset, ie the successor of the A6, which is featured, at the moment, on the iPhone 5 and iPad.


According to the same source, the number of cores and amount of memory have been doubled for this new chipset, which implies that the A7 will be a quad-core 1.2Ghz processor with 2GB RAM. The clock rate in RAM will be increased (the LPDDR2-1066 go to LPDDR-800), while the GPU is the quad PowerVR SGX554MP4 available on the fourth generation iPad.

The iPhone 5S, in accordance with further information, is expected to maintain its 4-inch screen resolution 1136 × 640 pixels of its predecessor, while evrything shows that Siri, the voice assistant software will be improved significantly by the availability of iOS 7.0.

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