Google Chromebook Pixel: With Chrome OS, the best screen on the market

The first Chromebook, which is designed to own Google, is a fact. The Chromebook Pixel features a 12.85-inch touch screen of 2560 × 1700 pixels resolution with Gorilla Glass which, as the company says, is the highest resolution ever on a laptop.


You will not see pixels in your life again," says VP of Chrome, Sundar Pichai, putting the "bar" really high for this model. And so the comparisons with the Retina Display MacBook Pro's come and go. It is no coincidence that the device has a higher pixel density than proposed by Apple, 239PPI instead the 227 model of Cupertino.

Although it is slightly thicker than the MacBook Air, it has many common design elements, including a couple of invisible speakers, air vents hidden in articulation and backlit keyboards.


For the first time in a Chromebook, however, the specs have been greatly improved. Available is a Core i5 processor, Intel HD 4000 graphics and 4GB of RAM. It supports dual-band 802.11 a / b / g / n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and has a webcam 720p. Additionally, it has two USB 2.0 ports, SD card slot, combo 3.5mm headset jack and Mini DisplayPort and a battery, which only offers 5 hours of autonomy, an amount that is not considered satisfactory. The device obviously incorporates the Chrome OS, the operating system of the American sompany which wants to carry all your work in "cloud".

Google will release two versions of Pixel, one Wi-Fi and one with integrated LTE router. The Wi-Fi model with 32GB capacity circulates directly with U.S. $ 1,299 price and 1,049 pounds in the UK. The LTE model will have 64GB of storage and will cost $ 1,499 and is expected to be released in April.


Google also offers 1TB Google Drive space to its users for three years without charge. The Chromebook Pixel is a very interesting option at favorable price and specs that we appreciate, especially in the part of the screen. Wait, actually, until we get it on our hands, to tell you more ...

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