Facebook will keep your old photos on "cold storage''


Every day, more than 350 million photos are uploaded on Facebook. The total number of photos that are uploaded on the social network, are estimated at 240 billion. Immediately, only a small percentage of those are used by users or better, only with the "latest" of them every time we interact (press Like, commenting, etc.). 82% of Facebook traffic, only interact with the 8% of the photos. So the social network decided to store the "old" photos in new facilities, cold storage, Oregon, USA.

What is the "cold storage"? Essentially servers that are not continuously open, but in sleep mode. Unlike conventional storage of Facebook, in "cold storage» data centers servers will have eight times the capacity and energy needs will be less obviously.

The only downside to this whole story is that when you want to access your older photos, it will take some time. Facebook says that the users will not realize great difference and anyway, these photos will remain on the "hot" servers.
Really ... how often do you see your old photos, or you do not leave them there to exist?

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