Nokia Lumia 750 and Lumia 520: Leaked just before the MWC 2013 event...

And while the MWC 2013 is approaching, photos of two models of Nokia, the Lumia 720 and 520, are leaked to the Internet.


As we see, the Nokia Lumia 720 resembles the Lumia 820, except that the glass on the front is convex, while the side and the rear surface have plastic chassis in various color options. The lens of the camera, as shown in the photo, is Carl Zeiss, but we have information for its analysis. The pogo pins on the back of the device used for charging when the phone is connected to a dock, show that it does not support wireless charging, without, of course, that being certain.


Nokia Lumia 520, on the other hand, is similar to Lumia 505, except that the glass on the front is flat. The bezel around the screen seems thicker and as for the back, it's available in various colors, which seems to be very common of Nokia lately in as many devices possible.

The images of the two models leaked on the twitter account @ evleaks, which in the past has proven to be highly reliable, without of course further details. On Monday morning, when Nokia has a press conference at the exhibition in Barcelona, we will probably learn more.

That for which we look forward to, however, is the "rumored» Nokia 1000 or whatever the name of the PureView Lumia will be, that may be announced by Nokia at MWC 2013. We can't wait ...

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