Forget Google Glasses for now.. Google Ass is here...

Google impressed us these days, with the release of a new video (oh, yes! Watch it!), which shows in detail the experience of someone wearing the Google Glasses.

The augmented reality glasses of Google have been pretty ground-breaking the first time we learned about them and every time new details about their concept come into play ... we are on the verge of... fainting.

This time, however, all we do, watching the video below, is burst out laughing with the "capture" of Conan O'Brien of TBS, which presents a new gadget that could be released by Google , after Google Glasses.


We're referring to Google Ass, which the user could wear around ... his obvious part of the body, with the gadget "capturing" ... rear experiences, like the ones shown in the video and it's really hilarious.

Respect to Conan

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