Say goodbye to Bada OS. Samsung intergrates it on Tizen


Finally, Samusng announces (almost) officially what we have known for almost a year now. The Bada OS, the functional used in its first smartphones, will be integrated on the new open source operating system, the Tizen.

Tizen has begun to grow a year ago by the R & D department of the Koreans, working with developers who had developed the erstwhile mighty MeeGo, originally a creation of Nokia and Intel.

The statement came from president of the Board of Media Solutions Center Samsung, Hong Won-pyo to Yonhap, who allegedly claimed that the devices with Tizen operating will be "running" applications made ​​for the Bada OS, but devices with Bada will not be upgraded to Tizen. It sounds reasonable.

The first Tizen devices are expected to be released by Samsung this year.


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