Samsung Galaxy S IV event on March 14 in New York. Samsung confirms from Barcelona...


The big star of this year's MWC in Barcelona, is a smartphone that does not exist yet: the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Everyone is asking about it, all trying to learn more details. Journalist of Reuters obtained the statement from Samsung's executive who confirms that the event for the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S IV is on March 14, 2013.
The presentation of Samsung Galaxy S IV will be held in New York. "We presented the Galaxy S III in London last year and this year we changed the place as well, the U.S. had bombed our networks with requests to reveal the Galaxy S IV on American soil," said JK Shin at Edaily.

We will not go on estimates of what will the Samsung Galaxy S IV be like, also rumors are contradictory. You, however, how do you think will be the new flagship of Samsung?

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