Sony Mobile hopes to launch a Firefox OS device in 2014...

Good news for Firefox OS, the open source operating system that debuted at MWC 2013. Along with ZTE, Huawei, Sony Mobile also announced that it will consider developing a device that will 'run' the new OS in collaboration with the network of Telefonica.


Telefonica, the Spanish mobile network operating in Europe, USA and Latin America, is the fifth largest network in the world and has already signed an agreement with Mozilla, to support the Firefox OS. Yesterday in Barcelona, Telefonica and Sony Mobile signed a multi-year agreement on the disposal of Xperia products from the network's shops, an agreement that includes the development of aFirefox OS smartphone from Sony Mobile.

Even though the Firefox OS seems to be an operating mid-range Smartphones, the involvement of Sony might mean that we should prepare for devices with better technical characteristics of what we have seen so far.

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