Facebook's News Feed changes its appearance: it becomes more simple and functional!

At the half hour event of the presentation of Facebook's new "News Feed'' we saw some really nice and impressing changes.

Initially, Mark Zuckerberg spoke about how important the photos are on Facebook as more and more users tend to communicate with images than with text.


After that we saw the renewed News Feed which you can see at the picture above. One of its characteristics is that its appearance is the same on web and on mobiles devices. The confusion of the last version of News Feed is replaced by a more minimalistic one.

Pictures have a very important role in the new News Feed. They have become larger and the can be found literally everywhere. Moreover Facebook's homepage presents more details about different actions ( friends connection, link sharing, event sharing or video sharing etc)

Facebook also decided to adopt the look of Google+. Users can browse through different functions of Facebook (e.g News Feed, Messages, Profile, Photos, Graph Search, Events etc.) by using specific icons. They can also chat with their friends (this time at the right side of the screen).


One of the most important changes is the appearance of "multiple feeds''. With the previous News feed we could see news from everyone: friends, pages, apps, photos, videos etc. Now users can choose the Feed they want to see. Some examples of Feeds that were presented are:

Most Resent: Content from friends and Pages you follow with chronological order.
All Friends: Content only from your Friends.
Photos: Content with photos of friends and pages.
Music: Content with the music of your friends but also of the pages you have liked.
Following: Content from pages that you follow or that you have liked.
Games: Content from the applications/Games that you or your friends play.
Groups: Content from Groups in which you participate.

To sum up, Facebook's News Feed new design seems really reasonable and pretty. It is already available for limited profiles, along with Graph Search, and users can enter the wait list that Facebook has prepared, so that they are among the first to try the new News Feed.

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