Would you like it if iOS 7 looked like this? (video)


Apple and iPhone fans are expecting a refreshed iOS on the next version 7, based on the fact that the company has a new head-designer, Jony Ive.

iOS 7 will probably be announced sometime in June during the WWDC congress. Though, a designer, Mohamed Kerroudj, presents his own concept of what he would like the updated version of  iOS to look like.

On the videos that he has created, we see a refreshed operating system, which seems clearer, minimal and flat. The iOS background that we were used to until now has been replaced with white color. There are also changes on the way users deal with notifications.

Kerround's iOS 7 design reminds us both Android and Windows Phone, from which he has obviously borrowed some characteristics. What is your opinion? Would you like it if iOS 7 looked like this?


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