Attention: Don't trust every "tweet" picture you see

Sometimes, a picture is more possible to persuade you easier than a text. So, if you see a picture of a specific tweet, you will most likely consider it to be real. However, there's an online service that will make you change your mind.


Facebook and Google+ are now combined and they make...Facebook+! Or maybe...not! The "tweet" above from the official account of Facebook on Twitter could easily fool you. Of course it's not real. It is created with the Lemme Tweet That For You online service.

So, what does this service do? It allows you to chose any username you want from Twitter, then type the tweet message you want, chose how many retweets and favorites have been made and also the time that your "tweet" was published. You form your tweet in any way you want and then you get a picture of it, which you can publish anywhere you want.


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