Huawei is preparing a new flagship device: 6.3mm thick, 4.9-inch Full HD screen!

It seems that Huawei wants to compete Samsung's Galaxy S4 by preparing a new flagship device, three months after announcing the Ascend D2 and also a few weeks after the announcement of the Ascend P2. Some may think that the announcement of this new device would "steal Ascend P2's thunder", which has not yet been released. However it is possible that Huawei intends to compete with Samsung's flagship at Samsung's weakness: Great specs at lower price.

So, Huawei offers a really nice phone, at a good price, with great performance, specs, camera and a very aesthetic design (6.3mm thick!)

According to rumors, it will feature a 4.9-inch Full HD screen, a quad-core K3V3 1.8GHz processor accompanied with Mali T604 GPU and 2GB RAM memory. The device will also have a 13Mpixels camera and a 2600mAh battery.


As we said, the announcement of this device will probably not give a chance to Ascend D2 and Ascend P2 to emerge. However if its price is a lot lower than Galaxy S4's price, it will probably "win the bet". It is believed that the device will be announced this April. All we can do is wait...


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