Windows 8 (seemingly) support lower resolution displays. Ready for smaller Win8 tablets perhaps?


It seems that Microsoft keeps some aces up its (digital) sleeve, according to news by ZDnet of course. Until now we all knew that Windows 8 OS supports resolutions larger than 1,366 x 768 pixels, but the Silicon giant announced recently that from now on, the minimum supported resolution for its newly bred OS will be 1024χ768 pixels. According to company officials this change is being made to urge manufacturers to use it in smaller size tablets.

ZDnet states also that the purposed resolution (1024x768 pixels) is optimal for reader sized tablets (7 inch tablets), that most of us have seen based on Android OS mostly (and the iPad mini of course). Who knows? Perhaps Microsoft is getting ready for a 7 inch killer tablet? What do you think?

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