iMessage DoS attack creates havok among developers


Are you an iOS developer? If so, perhaps you encountered the following iMessage problem since Wednesday: your iMessage home screen keeps flooding up with stupid messages from unknown senders, in such a degree that the app keeps crushing minute after minute. In certain cases the iMessages are so huge in size, that your iDevice suffers from the so called Denial of Service (DoS) attack, something that - at this time- seems to be nothing more than an elaborate prank.


According to TheNextWeb responsible for this whole "devs havok" seems to be an Apple Script used to communicate with iMessage accounts and makes the developers' lives a living hell. The so called DoS attack seems to be connected to a Twitter account, who's owner sells UDID's and offers other piracy applications, relative to Apple's eco-system. The DoS victims are practically helpless in front of this attack and can only watch their iMessage app crash all the time.

Fingers crossed, Apple has already been notified and will solve the matter... hopefully. 


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