Swear meter: All the swaring in Game of Thrones

What's up with all that swearing in Game of Thrones? Even little Aria has taken her turn in forbidden words, during her efforts to find her lost, torn apart family, dressed up as a boy. Well it's typical of a whole medieval age, so there's nothing much we can do about it, other than enjoy the thrilling series on its 3rd Season that is launching tomorrow with the first episode (e-a-g-e-r to watch!).


Until then, have a look at the pie chart created by the guys at Slacktory along with the Game of Fucks 1.5 minutes video, with almost all of the swearing we enjoyed during Seasons 1 & 2. Bryan Menegus was the editor of the short video, who also added an interesting infographic with the percentage of each word used for swearing. Enjoy it, freely... until the 31st of March.


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