Meet HDC One, the most affordable HTC One clone so far at 160$


If you're not so crazy about the proposed price of the HTC One (749€ in Greece) but still want a piece of its hype and style, then meet HDC One (or GooPhone One), a really affordable HTC One clone at a cost of (only) 160$ which is approximately... 1/4 of the original phone's price!

But you have to be ready to endure certain drawbacks of the "fake" HTC One, since the affordable model is made out of plastic (instead of  aluminum body with zerogap construction), boasts a 720p display and a quad-core MediaTek processor (1.2GHz), instead of a 1080p Super LCD3 display and Snapdragon 600 processor of the "real thing" HTC One. You also have to live with the fact that HDC One will offer only 1GB of RAM (instead of 2GB of the real One), and will use an 8.0MPixels CMOS camera (not the Ultrapixel camera we loved during the announcement of the HTC One model).


On the other side the GooPhone One (HDC One) will have a 1600 mAh Li-Ion battery and will be released with Android 4.2.1 OS, which is... not bad for a 160$ handset from the Chinese market! Better be on the lookout in other words, since the HDC One will be worldwide available after the 1st of April... and no guys, its not an April fools joke!

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