Why do people "follow" us on Twitter?


Well that's a nifty question you may think. But please, give it a little bit more of thought. The main purpose of Twitter (and the whole social hype around it) is people "following" other people for... a reason. What is this reason? Have you ever thought about it?

Why do people follow YOU? Is it because they like your profile image? Your sexy photos? The immaculate CV you have uploaded at your Twitter page? Is it because you're so smart that your tweets are the hit of the town? Well it could be hundred reasons why do people follow other people on Twitter. If you (young Twitter-addict) would like to learn why do your followers follow YOU, visit Why-Follow, connect the service with your personal Twitter account and let it do the rest.

From what the people at Why-Follow say, the service will DM all your followers (hmm?) and will ask them (kindly perhaps?) to answer the 100 million dollar question. Why do they follow you? They are free to give any answer they want, and after some days you'll get the results of this little survey, without having (hopefully) lost, anyone of your followers.

Just pray that they don't see the DM as a spam message, because then you won't be able to learn the answer you're looking for, will you?

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