Rumor mill: Sony planning Xperia Cyber-shot and Walkman smartphones?

Well this looks interesting! According to rumors by Phone Arena, Sony is not content with the huge success of the Xperia Z model and is readying 3 more powerful smartphones that will use Cyber-shot Walkman technology to... completely obliterate any competitors. From what people at Phone Arena say, here's what can we expect:

First of all, we should be ready for a massive flagship. A 5-inch Sony Xperia Cyber-shot phone, that will allegedly have the best CMOS camera around, with features and sensor size almost equal to the Nokia PureView 808, along with Carl Zeiss optics. Unlike the PureView 808, the addition of such a camera will not affect the design aesthetics of the device. All of its other specifications seem to be also top-notch.

For the music lovers, Sony is said to be preparing a second 5-inch Xperia Walkman phone, with a huge amplifier chip and all the well known Walkman features that we know and love.

Last -but not least- the 3rd device is supposedly getting ready to fight with the iPhone, boasting small form-factor and almost same display size, to that of the previously mentioned Xperia Cyber-shot


Let's do the math now. If all the rumors are to be trusted, we count hmm... nine new Sony smartphones this year, but with just few differences between them. Does this sound right to you?


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