iOS Calculator app: delete digits by swiping!


Well that's not the hottest how to in the market, we know but still, it looks nifty, doesn't it?

Just open your Calculator app in iPhone (any gen iPhone will do) and start typing a quite large number, like - perhaps Greece's debt? Well after 12 or so digits we think you can stop and then imagine. What happens if you typed ONE digit by mistake and... it is standing in the middle? Do you press Clear and loose all of your hard typed dozen of digits? What if you're too lazy to type them again?

Don't worry Apple loves you and has made all the necessary arrangements so that you won't loose time. Just swipe from left to right in the middle of the ‘LCD screen’ box at the top where the numbers are, and the app will remove the last digit entered! And that’s pretty much it. Again, nothing groundbreaking here but if you didn't know it, give us a tap on the back!

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