Meet Facebook Home, a modified Android OS from Facebook


The rumor mill in Facebook's new Android OS (or updated app for some) still has a lot of water. New reports from 9TO5Google are saying that "Facebook Home" will be the name of Facebook's new Android OS, something which is hinted on Facebook’s invitations, “Come See Our New Home On Android”. According to the same sources, Facebook's version of the OS will feature deep integration into Android. Facebook Messenger, Photos, and Contacts will be set as the default programs, with Facebook Messenger being used for both messaging your Facebook friends, as well as sending out SMS text messages.

We mentioned yesterday that HTC will have its place at this event, since they will announce an HTC smartphone that will feature this modified version of  Android OS and the device will resemble (rumor) the iPhone 5. It will have a home button at the bottom center of the phone, along with 2 capacitive buttons, and will boast a - not so huge- 4.3 inch display (according to speculations).

In addition to all those revelations, it is safe to say that we are expecting an update to Facebook's Android app, which still looks quite laggy (especially on older devices).

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