Google Maps (not so) secret gesture for easy zoom


If you know this tip then OK, don't be so cruel on us. If you don't know it then you can thank us later! So here we go:

If you have an Android smartphone go to its Google Maps app, or if you own an iPhone just install it (for free) from App Store. When you do, imagine that you walk on the street with one hand holding your phone and on the other holding a large groceries bag. What do you do if you want to zoom in to a Google Maps location using just one hand? Well this is something that even Apple has not foreseen, and Google has a lot to be thankful for. Just double tap on the place of the map you want to zoom into and on the second tap hold your finger down. Now slide your finger up and down. You're zooming!

Its so simple and yet so user friendly that some one at Apple HQ should (perhaps) get fired for not implementing it on the company's default Maps application. In any case, this works on Android and iOS, but only on the default Google Maps app (not the Maps application by Apple).

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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