Windows Phone gains significant growth in the US Market


According to analytics firm Kantar, Windows Phone 8 has shown significant growth in the world market, especially at the expense of Blackberry and (the almost dead) Symbian OS. Take for example Windows Phone 8's share in the UK, which grew from 6.2 percent to 6.7 percent in just one month, or in Italy where it accounted for just 5.4 percent of handsets sold in February of 2012, and now makes up 13.1 percent of sales!

Almost the same figures can be found on the US market with Symbian and Blackberry being the biggest losers, judging by their double digit drops in their share of the Mexican market for example. Meanwhile Apple is still holding strong on its second place in the US Market, while Android continues its killer race towards the top on all markets.

Have a look at the images, courtesy of Kantar Media.





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