Is MixBit the next online media giant?


Apart from looking like a solid April fools joke, the fact that YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley tweeted yesterday that he's gearing up to launch a new video site called MixBit, looks like really serious news.

The -still unknown if it's joke or not- tweet was made while Chad was making fun of YouTube's own April Fools joke saying: "since YouTube is ending, we're launching a new video site". The tweet ends with a link to the new site and its Twitter account.

No one still knows how Mixbit will work or... act. Chad Hurley insisted that it will not be a direct competitor of YouTube but on the contrary, it will offer "flexibility for people to work together and create content".

Bare in mind though that was just purchased last month for the price of $2,095 and that the whole project will be  unveiled by the end of April.

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