Google Chrome for Android gets an update


If you're users of Google's Chrome on your Android smartphone, then you'd better check your device for updates via Play Store. This new update offers some bug fixes, minor improvements and also adds password sync and auto fill functionality to your app. As you can understand the password sync and auto fill functionality make another step towards true cross platform functionality between the mobile versions of chrome and the windows application that we use in our PC's. So whatever device you may be using, as long as you sign-in with your credentials to all Chrome applications, you will carry with you all your settings, bookmarks and website passwords, without having to log in again.

The autofill function is no stranger to us as well, since it offers the ability to enter our information once inside the Chrome app and then, the application fills our info automatically or when requested. These functions were only available on the desktop and Android Chrome Beta versions previously, so making it to the regular version of Chrome for Android is great for everyone.

Have you upgraded to the latest version of Chrome for Android? What do you think of these new features?

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