Facebook announces Facebook Home for Android

As we previously posted Facebook chose the safe path and instead of presenting us with a new Facebook phone, chose to alter the Home button of most Android phones, with a revolutionary app called Facebook Home. So what's that, you may ask?


During the app's presentation yesterday Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that this is going to change the whole mobile phone experience, since it transfers all its main functions from apps to people, incorporating Facebook to all the vital functions of our smartphones. Facebook Home is in fact a group of apps that can be installed in every compatible  smartphone that has the latest Facebook app update as well as the latest version of Facebook Messenger. Think of it as if Facebook takes control of your smartphones vital functions and is always on, on the background whatever you're doing, whichever app you're using.



Coverfeed is one of these apps that comes and takes over your smartphones home launcher and main menus, offering the ability to watch your friends' status updates, letting you comment on their posts or "Like" the pages you prefer, without launching a single app. Notifications are also larger in size and more visible during the use of the device, as well as all the other Android notifications. They're all there, on your lockscreen, but with Facebook's way now.



Sending and receiving messages gets an update as well, with the coming of Facebook Home. The application Chatheads takes over your device and whatever you're doing (reading a document, writing an email, web-surfing), if a Facebook friend sends you a message thes a small circle with his profile photo appears on the top side of your display, letting you know that you have a new message! Of course you can choose what to do: view the message, reply, or discard it, to continue what you were doing. Of course in any of your choices, the Facebook Home is always on top, letting you remain on the app you were using before the notification.


App Launcher


Facebook Home now turns your device into a simpler and more efficient area of interactivity. You can now create a group of your most usefull applications in the home page of Facebook Home and use them as usual. All your selections can be made with simple and fast movement, while your friends' messages appear based on the sender and not according to the application used for it.


According to the official announcement, Facebook Home will be available from Google Play Store from the 12th of April and only for certain devices such as: HTC One, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy SIV and Samsung Galaxy Note II. Later more Android devices will be added to the list along with certain tablets. Mark Zuckerberg didn't mention anything about Facebook Home being available for other operational systems (like iOS for example), but in the future a lot of things can happen. During the event, HTC announced that the first Android smartphone that will offer Facebook Home out of the box, is HTC First that we wrote about the previous days.

For now, watch the Facebook's event video presentation.

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