Meet HTC First, the first true "Facebook Phone" in the market


Apart from the official announcement of Facebook's home launcher for Android, HTC was also ready yesterday to show off its new creation, code named HTC First, the first Android smartphone that will have pre-installed the original Facebook Home app. The first, true Facebook Phone is -without any doubt- the most Facebook oriented device created yet, by a company that's no stranger to such endeavors. After all HTC is an official partner with Facebook (along with Samsung and Sony) on the development of Facebook Home app.

htc-first (1)

HTC's CEO, mr. Peter Chou announced and presented the device to press members and guests, while stating that it will be available primarily for AT&T customers in the USA. The new Facebook phone comes at a cost of just 99$ in the US (along with a two year contract on AT&T's network), and runs on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version. You won't find a lot of differences on the device's Home version when compared to the Facebook Home version that will be available from Google Play after the 12th of April, apart from certain notification schemes and the fact that it will have Instagram pre-installed.


HTC First will be available in fours colors (red, blue, white, black) but all of its specs are expected to be... mid-range, mostly suitable for teenagers. It will offer minimal design, a 4.3 inch display (72op), along with a dual-core Qualcomm processor (Snapdragon S400) and full LTE support! It will be widely available in the US after the 12th of April from AT&T's network only, but it will soon pass over to the other side of the ocean (Europe) from Orange and EE at the time being.

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