Here's what iOS 7.0 should look like


All of us (iOS addicts) expect to be amazed by the next version of iOS (7.0) that's presumably on the works and will be unveiled sometime during the summer. Rumors say that the changes on the UI are so huge, that all the developers that have devices running the iOS 7.0 have special filters on the displays of their iPhones, to conceal them from prying eyes!

Apart from Sir John Ive and some developers at Cupertino campus, no one else knows what the new OS will look like until Apple does the whole unveiling. But this can't stop designers from creating great concepts of how they imagine it to be, or how they would like it to be. The iOS 7.0 concept you are about to see comes from F. Bianco and looks just amazing! No it's not a small 1 minute video, but a full 4 minutes video galore packed with several UI improvements like widgets, Mission Control, usability add-ons etc.

I personally like the whole widget addition in both iPhone and iPad versions, along with the Mission Control-like UI, when you press the Settings icon. The Lockscreen modifications aren't so huge, since there are available -today- Cydia add-ons that transform it easily into something more eye-catching. In any case, all these concept ideas make me more eager to see what the iOS 7.0 is going to bring to my iPhone (and iPad).

What do you think?

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