HTC First is - under the hood- a stock Jelly Bean Android after all


In case you haven't heard yet, the HTC First looks like it's a stock Jelly Bean Android smartphone after all, under the hood. According to official reports, users will be able to turn off the Facebook Home UI features (and looks) just by tapping on the Settings icon of the device, thus leaving the HTC First with its stock Jelly Bean OS underneath!

It looks like a surprise by HTC, a manufacturer that makes a living by selling its Sense UI to millions of people, but we have to be honest and say that this choice by the Taiwanese company looks like the best available at this time. But there's a catch. Don't think that this stock Android (Jelly Bean) smartphone will be treated by Google as the top of the notch Nexus models that get all the best Android updates directly from the "source". Nexus phones will keep having the (first and) best features of newer versions of the Android OS, while the rest of us HTC First users, will have the ability to turn from Facebook Home UI to stock Android with just a touch on the Settings icon.

In case you forgot, the HTC First will launch in the US after the 12th of April exclusively from AT&T, but soon we'll be able to see it first hand in Europe from operators like Orange and EE.

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