Disney puts an end to all Star War game titles!


If your an avid gamer, then you most probably know a game title called Star Wars: First Assault, an arcade game destined to launch for XBOX LIVE. Well don't get us the wrong way, but you'd better forget all about it, since Disney decided to shut down all work related to Star War game titles (Star Wars: First Assault, Star Wars 1313), since - as the owner of LucasArts it can do whatever it pleases.

A Disney spokesman, during a statement to Game Informer mentioned that the company is trying to turn LucasArts from a studio to a licencing model (like Marvel), thus minimizing any percentage of risk. He also added that there's a chance these game titles (Star Wars: First Assault, Star Wars 1313) can survive, if they sell their development to another studio, but something like this seems really difficult as we read in Kotaku.

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