iPhone now too expensive for Europeans


According to a statement he made to Bloomberg, France Telecom CEO, Stephane Richard mentions what - well most of us- know for sure: that it's getting a lot harder for manufacturers to sell high end smartphones with prices over 600€ in the European market that is. He also states that the European citizens are becoming more picky with their selections in matters of devices and specifications. In addition, they tend to hold on to their purchased handsets for larger periods of time, before switching to a new one.

Well, who can blame them after all? With the average European income standing still in matters of salaries, the iPhone "hype" looses its momentum since now people are thinking it twice before spending over 600€ in order to buy a... new iPhone. After all the lines of people standing outside Apple stores all over the world are becoming smaller than before after each release of a next gen iDevice, and this is something that will be greatly depicted on the launch day of the next iPhone, that is due to arrive sometime before mid-summer.

Mr. Richard also mentions that it's imperative Apple releases an affordable version of the iPhone, but we will add to this that the prices of all high-end smartphones (regardless who their manufacturer is) should see a significant drop, if companies want to see smartphones being adopted by the large majority of customers. Otherwise, they will remain available just for the "elite" of those who can afford them.


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