Windows Phone 8 will support 1080p resolutions - finally!


It seems that Microsoft has planned -after all- to offer full HD support to its Windows Phone 8 smartphones -during 2013 that is- but there's still no information on devices that will have this resolution.

Until now all Windows Phone 8 devices offered support for WVGA, WXGA και 720p resolutions, something that made them fall back in terms of technological evolution when compared to 1080p Android models or the iPhone 5. It looks like this is going to change soon with 5.0 inch (and larger) models being ready to launch with full HD support on the months to come by Microsoft and other manufacturers.

This update will have nothing to do with the most-awaited Windows Blue upgrade that is due to arrive early 2014. It will instead be included in the GDR3 update scheduled to be released just before Christmas. 

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