Elysium: is it one of the most anticipated sci-fi blockbusters of the year?


Neill Blomkamp, a director mostly known for his contribution in the making of District 9, returns this time with "Elysium", another sci-fi movie that deals -not with alien- but with the social discriminations in the year 2154. In this future world, people on Earth are divided in socially acceptable groups: all the rich and famous live in the Elysium, a dreamy, luxurious place that every other underprivileged earthling only dreams about.

All security measures are really high and Jodie Foster makes sure this is the deal throughout the whole movie, that is until ex-convict Matt Damon (with a really fresh "bald headed" look) will try to organize a doomed to fail mission that if succeeds could save not only his self but most of the remaining people in the underprivileged world.

Neil Blomkamp deals one more time with a futuristic apartheid and we are just crossing our fingers that he makes a hit out of this effort. "Elysium" will be released in European cinemas around fall 2013 so... there's a lot of time for you to wonder if he succeeds.

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