Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon released by... hackers!

There are times that you want to play a game sooooooooooo bad, that you'd do anything to quench your "digital" thirst! That's how some Russian hackers must have thought, when they hacked their way into the digital fortress of Ubisoft's Uplay network, and managed to gain access to any game title available, even some of those that haven't been released yet, like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon!


Ubisoft officials deactivated the Uplay network until the hole in their system is patched, but stated that no personal information of the players has leaked. The Russian hack team managed to gain access to some secret videos footage of the game, but Ubisoft is quickly deleting them with the help of YouTube that is. If you're quick and smart though (e.g. YouTube) maaaaybe you'll find something to watch!


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