What would you do if an iPad got stuck in your front bumper?

You're driving your car to return from work and suddenly you hear a noise like something hit you, but you don't pay much attention and continue with your ride. But - oh what a miracle- when you get home, your father informs you that a semi-destroyed iPad got stuck in your front bumper! 


Say what? An ipad? Yes an Apple iPad (presumably 3rd gen) that - despite its awesome flight path - as in excellent working condition with its touch screen as responsive as ever! Alexa Crisa (from Georgia, USA) was the unfortunate driver who saw this iPad get stuck in her car's front bumper, used the device to find its owner's name and information, thus managing to return it to him.

If you ask how this iPad managed to get stuck inside a car bumper, then you'll be glad to know that the owner of the tablet had forgotten it on the top of his car, just before turning on the engine. The device flew -a reasonably long distance- and got stuck in Alexa's front car bumper...

Well who could have guessed it?

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