Half of Justin Bieber's twitter followers fake?

According to a BBC report, Socialbakers website found that out of Justin Bieber's 37.3 million followers, only 17.8 million are linked to real accounts, something which means that only 47 per cent of his followers on Twitter are actual fans!

Socialbakers is a website/service that finds fake Twitter accounts by seeing if an artists' followers have posted genuine tweets, rather than spam. It considers fake accounts to tweet key phrases such as "diet", "make money" and "work from home". The report means that the teen singer should technically fall behind Lady Gaga as the most popular person on Twitter, since Socialbacker's research found that she has 19 million real followers compared to Bieber's 17.8 million!


If you'd like to see what The Onion thinks of this report, then have a look at the video that follows.


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