Anyone interested in a $15.3 million worth iPhone 5 perhaps?


In case some of you don't know Stuart Hughes,  you'll be glad to know that he is a Liverpool-based jeweller who built last year several luxurious and extravagant devices, such as a diamond iPhone 4, a Platinum MacBook Air and the well known Gold iPad 2.

After the release of the iPhone 5 the British jeweler tried something a bit more... extreme and presented this device: the first iPhone 5, covered with gold and diamonds, making it the world's most expensive smartphone. According to the designer, the custom made iPhone 5 is 100% handmade took and the whole process took him almost 9 weeks to complete! That's why the outside casing of the smartphone is said to be made up for 24-carat gold, while the home button consists of 26-carat black diamond.


In addition the Apple logo and the corners of the smartphone are built using white diamonds, while the whole device is encrusted with 600 precious stones, out of which, 53 are housed in the Apple logo at the back!

Don't get carried away and try to order it because your place is taken, since the world's most expensive smartphone was ordered by a Chinese based businessman, who wanted to remain anonymous. How much did he pay to obtain this one of a kind device in his hands? A mere  £10 million, or  about $15.3 million. Still there?

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