"Why am I covered in dirt? I buried you": New Lone Ranger trailer


In case you haven't heard of it, Johnny Depp returns with a remake of a classic old western movie for kids called "Lone Ranger". The first trailer of the movie was released a couple of months ago but we never get bored of it. Now it's time to see trailers No2 and 3, as they aired last month in the US market.

Despite a hefty price tag (around $250 million), Disney is expecting "The Lone Ranger" to be one of it's biggest 2013 releases. The film stars Johnny Depp as Tonto the crazy Indian and Armie Hammer as the title ranger. Gore Verbinski, who worked with Depp on the first three "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, is the director of the movie. Tom Wilkinson also features as villain Latham Cole, while Helena Bonham Carter, William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, James Badge Dale and Ruth Wilson are among the supporting cast.

"It's a dysfunctional buddy movie," Verbinski told USA Today last year. "It's two guys who start literally and figuratively handcuffed together who end up on the same mission with completely different world views. They sort of rub off on one another. But they have plenty of disagreements."

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