Microsoft ready to unveil its own 1.5 inch smart watch?


It looks like that - according to WSJ- Microsoft is getting ready to unveil its own smartwatch  thus by entering the market of portable electronics/accessories. The WSJ post mentions that certain hardware providers have been called by Microsoft to showcase some if their equipment such as 1.5 inch displays for watches! According to the same post, one of these hardware manufacturers has already been in touch with Microsoft's R&D department.

Not having seen Microsoft inspired products of this type,  one can only imagine how a smart watch from this software giant could look like. Some say it will be based on the square design of Windows 8 tiles, with a lot of corners etc. Some others mentioned SPOT technology watches, Microsoft's first effort in designing such a device in cooperation with Tissot and Swatch that looked like these:

Bill Gates and Swatch CEO Nick Hayek show new Swatch watches in New York

Despite all of the above, it seems that the wearable computers trend is just beginning to show its first signs and besides Google (with Google Glass), we would like to see more products that could blow our mind. Because until now, we just read a lot of rumors and see just nothing...

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